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Just as mentioned before, the technology is not a new technology, throughout all modern movements of Rolex, since the 2230(2235) that was launched in 1999, the structure was existing, at that time, the extra micrometer adjusting screw had no scale, and it did not integrate the Escapements bridge plate together. In 2000, accompanied by a series of movements structures, as well as parts changes, the Cal. 4130 timing movement that used this structure replaced the 4030 movement that has been used for eleven years since 1989, and the structure has also been half integrated into the bridge plate(in 2235, the micrometer adjusting screw does not have been fixed by the whole piece of plywood, in 4130, it shares the swing bridge plate with micrometer adjusting screw). In 2012, the Rolex Sky – Dweller was launched, and launched the Rolex homemade new Cal. 9001 automatic movement, rather than let the pendulum bridge plate fine-tuning structure more compact, but much more complex, in addition to two fine adjustment screw of the 31 xx series, there also equipped with a micrometer adjusting screw beside each micrometer adjusting screw, and hide the micrometer adjusting screw that was set in the bottom of the watch. When it comes to the 32XX series movement in 2015, Rolex integrated the Fine-tuning bridge plate structure of the original 41XX movement into the Bridge plate, and also made the time scales. So, This is not a new technology, it has been evolved, but also appeared in 3XXX series movements of Rolex for the first time.

For the new type Rolex 3255 movement, it was applied in the everose gold watch from the Yacht-Master watch, which was released in the year of 2015. It has the much more stable and outstanding performance than other Rolex wrist watches that were applying the 3155 movements.

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