How to cosplay Kylo Ren?

Have you ever thought about trying Star Wars cosplay? Maybe Kylo Ren would be a good choice.

Kylo Ren, earlier known as Ben Solo, was originally a Jedi apprentice of Luke Skywalker.As a member of the Lun Samurai in the first order, Kylo Ren has a temper and great potential and is a tough enemy of the Jedi and Resistance. Kylo Ren was born to Han Solow and Leia after the Battle of Endor. There is a loss in Ben’s heart, and this emotion is used by snooker, so that he is lured into the dark side by snooker, although Leia believes that Luke’s training can get rid of the darkness, but this is still destroyed. Luke’s efforts joined the first order and brought the nickname “Jedi Killer”.

All black clothing will definitely bring you into a whole new world!


Kylo Ren’s clothes seem cmmon, but there are many details, no exception, they are all black. Black blouse, black pants, black jacket, and black cloak.

His coat uses very comfortable fabrics, and the two sleeves have a layer of pleats. Of course, if you have the right clothes, you can wear your own. The same is true for pants.

The jacket is like a plaid jacket, but in fact, it was made of very thick satin cotton. The great cotton materials and workmanship will make you feel comfortable just like wear your own ordinary cloth.

Ok, now let’s take a look at this cloak. This luxurious cloak will help you enter the villain life on Halloween. You know, it’s not easy to imitate the style of Kylo Ren, but with this cloak, it’s possible. His entire cloak is made of leather and has a length that reaches the sole of the foot.


There is a pair of gloves and a belt here. Imagine that when you take a picture of Kylo Ren’s weapon, there is a pair of cool leather gloves, which is great! There is also his belt, you can customize your belt according to your waistline.

Although the previous face was not very unstable due to the plasma state of the lightsaber in his hand, he still wore a mask. These attire features point out his grandfather Darth Vader’s Fanatic worship. Alright, you must find this mask in many stores.


This is a pair of classic men’s black boots with a zipper on the side. There are several leather straps on the boots that decorate the boots closer to the character. Of course, for more comfort, you can add insoles.

He is a subordinate of the supreme leader Snooker, a powerful man with a strong dark face.

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