Green Arrow cosplay costumes Reviews

1. Green Arrow 5 Dinah Laurel Lance Black Canary

Dinah Laurel Lance, also named Black Canary.

This set of costume perfectly replicates the shape of the black canary in the TV drama, put on this suit and feel like Dinah Laurel Lance!

The cosplay costume is exactly the same as the pictures described. Although they look very tight, they are indeed the same, but they are still very flexible. The size chart is correct, and the size I chose is just right. This set of Black Canary Cosplay costumes is of high quality and reasonably priced, perfectly in line with my black canary. Gloves and collars are a great decoration, because without them you might never dress up as a black canary. I’m looking forward to purchase other products in this store.

2.Green Arrow Season 5 Oliver Queen Cosplay Costumes

Oliver Queen became a superhero Green Arrow because he yearned for Batman to fight offenders. He is strong and kind, loves his family and friends, and the city, in order to protect them at all costs. He is a warrior full of justice. Fighting courageously with the enemy, he can always come forward in times of crisis and save your life.

This costume is very good. Everyone loves it and it is very comfortable. A very good costume in quality, that resembles that actual man on screen Green Arrow. Receive it on time, with no issues. Fit well for Asian size L, for the height, just that the pants are a little bit tight (depending on body and leg size). Would have ask for customization in future. Over time under tropical climate, it will be very hot and well insulated, if its not worn under a Air condition room.

Product was  proportionate. In othwr words, the pants fit perfectly.  It made properly proportioned because it’s a pretty cool costume. Looks exactly like the one on the show. I am very happy with it. Does breath very well but I wouldn’t suggest wearing on a hot day.

3. Green Arrow Season 4 Oliver Queen Cosplay Costumes

All in all, I am pretty happy with this purchase. There are a little bit drawbacks but they are easily remedied and are definitely outweighed by the overall quality of the product. The good: The overall design and aesthetic qualities are spot on. I received a lot of compliments on the costume. The costume is well made and very functional. I really appreciate the attention to detail. Even the hood fits exactly as it should. Overall, it is a great product. Also, the costume is pretty comfortable.

The tops fit nicely. The undershirt was a little bit short, could have been another inch or two longer, but overall fit nicely. The vest that goes over also fit marvelously with just enough room to be comfortable while moving around during the night, without being to loose to cause any irritating chaffing.The quiver could also use some modifications. Because of the material and shipping the quiver has the tenancy to look a bit flat. I used some Styrofoam cut down and packed in to return the quiver to a nice shape. The Styrofoam also provided me a nice way to add some little touches like arrows sticking out of the quiver.

The hat that comes with the set is also of quality. Doesn’t itch or irritate when wearing, and the elastic band is not to tight or to loose to cause discomfort. As for the quality, from my perspective the quality is on par for the price. On both the under shirt and the pants, the quality is what you would hope for when paying between $150-$200.Overall I gave this 5 stars, and would recommend this product for anyone that is looking for either a nice costume for Halloween, or for any Comic-Con event.

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