Batman cosplay Costume Reviews

  1. Harley Quinn Cosplay Costume

Harley is a violent, unpredictable recidivism, because the joker’s cruel and capricious nature makes Harley one of his other victims, even though she is a dangerous criminal. 

There are definitely pro’s and con’s to this catsuit.So, obviously, I bought this for a Harley Quinn cosplay because I just couldn’t find anything like what i wanted elswhere.This suit has a nice shine to it, and it fits pretty well ,and the craftmanship is great. But it does have little flaws. Like it reeks.

I purchased this outfit for this past Halloween and I absolutely love it. I have fallen in love with the way it fits and how comfortable it is. I have never in my life worn a Halloween costume more then once, but I think I will be wearing this costume for many Halloweens to come. I really do like how simple and effortless this costume is. You can add many accessories like how I added a mallet, gloves, face paint and hair ties. Or you can still rock it just as much with just a simple pair of heels. If it needs to be washed, I would bring it to the dry cleaners.

Also, I was very worried that this wouldn’t fit me very well. It isn’t extremely tight-fitting, but it isn’t loose either. I think that it fits just perfect.Whether you are purchasing this outfit for Halloween or a costume party, I think it will look great on anyone.

Love this!  Fits perfectly just like the other costumes I bought last year. The material is very durable and it’s made very well. For a cold Halloween, all you need is this costumes and you are all set. Not sure it would be comfy in hotter weather, though. But in a controlled temperature, and you would feel comfortable all night in it.

Batgirl is extremely resourceful and trustworthy, a frightened but determined child. She’s strong too, stronger than even me, in fact,She needs serious guidance and training.

I decided to dress up as Batgirl this past Halloween. I was glad that I was able to find all of my necessary accessories on this shop, and I received everything quickly. I found this costumes, and I didn’t expect much more than costume material when I purchased it. I was really happy when this came and I felt how thick and nice the material was! This is a high grade costume, and not only was it thick enough to keep me warm, but the black underneath the cape is so vibrant and mysterious and is a fantastic pop of color. I feel that this costume was comfortable to have on all day. When I came into the office in my costume, many people noticed and commented on this. The price was great for the quality. The seller sent this to me quickly, and that was an added bonus. I would repurchase from this seller for future costume needs.

Package, Including Cloak, Jumpsuits&Rompers, Helmet, Wristguard, Gloves, Belt, Boots. This was so much fun to wear. I wore it all day at my job on Halloween and got so many praise. Great material well made perfect. Also looking forward to the next purchase!

I really thought I was overpaying for a costume piece, but once I opened the package and saw the quality I was very pleased! This is not your standard thin costume material. It is thick and very well made. I actually got warm wearing it in the office. The colors are vibrant and the size and shape are great.

I would definitely recommend and will look for this company next time I need a costume.

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