Justice League Mera cosplay costume deluxe outfit

In the movie Justice League, Mera is the wife of Aquaman. Although she is not a member of the Justice League, she has repeatedly helped the Justice League. Mera’s character is a gentle and virtuous woman, like water. In the movie, people not only look at the plot and story, but people also praise her beauty and sex. Indeed, Mera is very beautiful and virtuous, as shown in the movie picture, because this dress gives her a charming body.

If you want to be a Mera, come and find out. Here’s a detailed look at the various parts of this complete Justice League Mera cosplay costume deluxe outfit in the following.


The color of the jumpsuit is dark green, and the reduction of the movie character is extremely high. As the picture shows, the details of the clothes are very good, the zipper is easy to hide on the back, and it will protect people well. Security. The quality of the clothes is also very good, flexible and suitable for people of all sizes, if you are not satisfied with this size you can also choose a custom size.


The vest is paired with a jumpsuit and is an important part of the Mera cosplay costume. It adds color to the character’s image and the details are well handled, showing the beauty and glamorous figure of the character and also pay attention to the beauty of strength.


Just as gloves are an important part of clothing, Mera’s gloves are also very distinctive. When it uses other weapons, the gloves can give her the perfect grip. Therefore, gloves are an important part of clothing.


The role of the wristband is the ornament, which can better reflect the temperament of Mera’s soft belt. Although the surface of Mera is a gentle woman, in fact, there is a hard air in the interior. And also a lot of movies advocated.

Leg covers:

Although the role of the leg sleeves is also a decorative effect, it does not affect your free movement after wearing, and you can play as much as you can.


Of course, roleplaying Mera is definitely not a lack of boots! Therefore, the beautiful boots and sexy clothes are the perfect match, and the boots have a little height, which can set off your charming figure. There is also the comfort level of the boots is also a lot of people’s attention, each pair of shoes will have magic, when you wear it, you will fall in love with that wonderful feeling.

Overall, this set of Mera’s Justice League Mera cosplay costume deluxe outfit is very good and very perfect. Not only can you perfectly show your charming body, but also better stand your confidence, it will make you shine at the party. Moreover, the clothing is well-made, the details are handled very well, and the equipment is perfect. What are you waiting for, don’t hesitate any more, come and order now!