Batman Cosplay Costumes Reviews

In the late 1980s, Warner Bros. began producing a series of Batman movies.The first of these was “Batman”, released in 1989, directed by Tim Burton and starring Michael Keaton. The two continued to cooperate in 1992 in the sequel “Batman Returns”. In 1995, Joe Schumacher took over and directed “Forever Batman,” and the actor was replaced by Val Kilmer. Schumacher also directed the 1997 “Batman and Robin”, in which Batman was played by George Clooney.

Justice League Batman Bruce Wayne Cosplay Costume Deluxe Outfit

Bruce Wayne, Batman, is a superhero of the American DC Comics.Debuted in “Detective Comics” No. 27 (May 1939), created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. He is the first superhero in the history of comics without super powers.Bruce Wayne was born in the Wayne family, one of the four major families in Gotham. One night, my parents took the young Bruce to watch the movie Zorro and went home. When they passed a path, they were robbed by gangsters. The gangster brutally killed his parents in the face of Bruce.

Since then, Bruce has had a strong desire to eradicate sin by himself. In order to prevent others from suffering the same tragedy as himself, Bruce has traveled all over the world for decades with his talents and visited the top or the legendary of the East and West. Fighting masters, learning martial arts fighting techniques.

After returning to the United States, he used strong financial resources to manufacture various high-tech equipment. Later in the day, he was the rich second generation and playboy in the eyes of others; at night, he was the dark knight who made the criminals stunned – Batman.


Batman’s setting is cool, and Batman’s life experience is complicated but wonderful.Many people are not only impressed by his wonderful interpretation, but also attracted by the cool appearance of Batman.

Many Batman fans dream of having a set of Batman Bruce Wayne cospaly costumes.The following great sharing is not to be missed.

The cape is great. Stitched well, thick fabric, almost reaches the ground on me.

The chest piece is awesome.  it stretches and looks badass. I would have wanted something great. It is attached to the shirt and slides over your head.

The belt is excellent. It’s plastic but looks the part. It has large velcro pieces to close in the back, I might replace that with an actual clasp.

The gloves are great. Fit fine. It works well.

Because of the excellent material the Batman cosplay costume is at good quality.The material of it includes:Composite Leather, Spandex Leather, PU Leather, Elastic Leather, Silk Spinning.It’s accessories will not let you down.The package includes: Top, Pants, Belt, Waist bags, Cloak, Gloves. (Mask is not included because mask is out of stock.).

The perfect accessory will make you more like Batman Bruce Wayne who in the movie Justice League.This Justice League Batman Bruce Wayne Cosplay Costume Deluxe Outfit is worth having.

Arkham Knight Batgirl Cosplay Costume Deluxe Version

The villain in Batman Arkham Knight came to Gotham with a huge mercenary unit and worked with the Scarecrow to turn Gotham into an empty city. The first time he appeared in front of Batman, he said that the purpose of doing this was to kill Batman.Unlike other villains, the Cavaliers know everything about Batman, from the style of acting. The real identity. The secret base and even the armor distribution habits on the bat suits, the Cavaliers are well aware. But unlike Bain, who had a detailed investigation of Batman in his previous game, the Cavaliers’ words and deeds revealed his close connection with Batman-Bruce Wayne.


She is a special villain, attracting a lot of people’s attention, the Arkham Knight Batgirl Cosplay Costume is also attractive,especially girls.

The cape is great. Stitched well, thick fabric, almost reaches the ground on me,but it doesn’t reach the ground on floor.The length is just right.

The chest piece is awesome.It stretches and looks badass. I would have wanted something great. It is attached to the shirt and slides over your head.

The belt is excellent. It’s plastic but looks the part. It has large velcro pieces to close in the back, I might replace that with an actual clasp.

The gloves are great. Fit fine. It works well.

The mask is cool.It is very soft and does not squeeze the face.

The perfect accessory will make you more like Arkham Knight who in the movie Batman Arkham Knight.This Arkham Knight Batgirl Cosplay Costume Deluxe Version is worth having.Whether you are attending a family gathering or Halloween, wearing it, you will definitely attract a lot of people’s attention.

Green Arrow cosplay costumes Reviews

1. Green Arrow 5 Dinah Laurel Lance Black Canary

Dinah Laurel Lance, also named Black Canary.

This set of costume perfectly replicates the shape of the black canary in the TV drama, put on this suit and feel like Dinah Laurel Lance!

The cosplay costume is exactly the same as the pictures described. Although they look very tight, they are indeed the same, but they are still very flexible. The size chart is correct, and the size I chose is just right. This set of Black Canary Cosplay costumes is of high quality and reasonably priced, perfectly in line with my black canary. Gloves and collars are a great decoration, because without them you might never dress up as a black canary. I’m looking forward to purchase other products in this store.

2.Green Arrow Season 5 Oliver Queen Cosplay Costumes

Oliver Queen became a superhero Green Arrow because he yearned for Batman to fight offenders. He is strong and kind, loves his family and friends, and the city, in order to protect them at all costs. He is a warrior full of justice. Fighting courageously with the enemy, he can always come forward in times of crisis and save your life.

This costume is very good. Everyone loves it and it is very comfortable. A very good costume in quality, that resembles that actual man on screen Green Arrow. Receive it on time, with no issues. Fit well for Asian size L, for the height, just that the pants are a little bit tight (depending on body and leg size). Would have ask for customization in future. Over time under tropical climate, it will be very hot and well insulated, if its not worn under a Air condition room.

Product was  proportionate. In othwr words, the pants fit perfectly.  It made properly proportioned because it’s a pretty cool costume. Looks exactly like the one on the show. I am very happy with it. Does breath very well but I wouldn’t suggest wearing on a hot day.

3. Green Arrow Season 4 Oliver Queen Cosplay Costumes

All in all, I am pretty happy with this purchase. There are a little bit drawbacks but they are easily remedied and are definitely outweighed by the overall quality of the product. The good: The overall design and aesthetic qualities are spot on. I received a lot of compliments on the costume. The costume is well made and very functional. I really appreciate the attention to detail. Even the hood fits exactly as it should. Overall, it is a great product. Also, the costume is pretty comfortable.

The tops fit nicely. The undershirt was a little bit short, could have been another inch or two longer, but overall fit nicely. The vest that goes over also fit marvelously with just enough room to be comfortable while moving around during the night, without being to loose to cause any irritating chaffing.The quiver could also use some modifications. Because of the material and shipping the quiver has the tenancy to look a bit flat. I used some Styrofoam cut down and packed in to return the quiver to a nice shape. The Styrofoam also provided me a nice way to add some little touches like arrows sticking out of the quiver.

The hat that comes with the set is also of quality. Doesn’t itch or irritate when wearing, and the elastic band is not to tight or to loose to cause discomfort. As for the quality, from my perspective the quality is on par for the price. On both the under shirt and the pants, the quality is what you would hope for when paying between $150-$200.Overall I gave this 5 stars, and would recommend this product for anyone that is looking for either a nice costume for Halloween, or for any Comic-Con event.

Guide to playing the style of Inuyasha

If you have already played an anime role in Europe and America, it is better to try to play the role of the Japanese character. This may be different from your past style, but it is a great attempt.Inuyasha is a typical Japanese anime with a cosplay costume. If you are trying kimono for the first time, this should be a good choice.

Inuyasha , also known as Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale , is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi. It premiered in Weekly Shōnen Sunday on November 13, 1996, and concluded on June 18, 2008, with the chapters collected into 56 tankōbon volumes by Shogakukan.

The series begins with Kagome Higurashi, a 15-year-old schoolgirl from Tokyo who is transported to the Sengoku period of Japan after falling into a well in her family shrine, where she meets the half dog-demon, Inuyasha. When a monster from that era tries to take the magical Shikon Jewel embodied in Kagome, she inadvertently shatters the Jewel into many pieces that are dispersed across Japan. Inuyasha and Kagome start traveling to recover it before the powerful and evil half spider-demon Naraku finds all the shards. Inuyasha and Kagome gain several allies during their journey, including Shippo, Miroku, Sango and Kirara. In contrast to the typically comedic nature of much of Takahashi’s previous work, Inuyasha deals with a darker and more serious subject matter, using the setting of the Sengoku period to easily display the violent content while still retaining some comedic elements.

Inuyasha is the eponymous and main character of the series. He is a half-demon. His father was a great demon general and the ruler of the western lands, and his mother was a human princess who opposed social standards. His father died the day he was born and his mother died when he was a child. He wields a sword Tessaiga, made from the fang. On a full moon for some nights, he reverts into a human. Inuyasha meets and spends time with Kikyo, while keeping the legendary jewel. Naraku drives Kikyo and Inuyasha into fighting for the jewel and hating each other. Kikyo pins Inuyasha on a scared tree with an arrow. Fifty years later, Inuyasha awakens on the tree and meets Kagome. Together, they search for the jewel shards, after Kagome shatters it. As Inuyasha and Kagome begin their relationship, Naraku collects all pieces of the jewel. After Naraku’s defeat, Inuyasha marries Kagome.

And Kagome Higurashi is a high school student living in Tokyo and the reincarnation of Kikyo. On her fifteenth birthday, she is dragged by one of the demons in a well and ends up traveling to the past. She finds the jewel extracted from her body and frees Inuyasha from the spell. Kagome says the word, “sit”, causing the magical necklace to make Inuyasha falling to the ground. As the series progresses, they begin their relationship. Kagome is an archer wielding arrows and a bow. After defeating Naraku, Inuyasha sends Kagome back to her own time. Three years later, Kagome graduates from high school, travels back to the past and marries Inuyasha.

Whether you are a boy or a girl, if you want to try a cosplay costume, you can try to play Inuyasha, a red kimono with a savvy, white wig and fox ears look cute and cute, plus a delicate makeup Like a person who came out of the painting.If you haven’t decided what you want to play, you can also check out our website:

Maybe you can find something that makes you feel good.I hope that you can harvest a perfect shopping experience on our website, and seize the opportunity to challenge yourself!

Batman cosplay Costume Reviews

  1. Harley Quinn Cosplay Costume

Harley is a violent, unpredictable recidivism, because the joker’s cruel and capricious nature makes Harley one of his other victims, even though she is a dangerous criminal. 

There are definitely pro’s and con’s to this catsuit.So, obviously, I bought this for a Harley Quinn cosplay because I just couldn’t find anything like what i wanted elswhere.This suit has a nice shine to it, and it fits pretty well ,and the craftmanship is great. But it does have little flaws. Like it reeks.

I purchased this outfit for this past Halloween and I absolutely love it. I have fallen in love with the way it fits and how comfortable it is. I have never in my life worn a Halloween costume more then once, but I think I will be wearing this costume for many Halloweens to come. I really do like how simple and effortless this costume is. You can add many accessories like how I added a mallet, gloves, face paint and hair ties. Or you can still rock it just as much with just a simple pair of heels. If it needs to be washed, I would bring it to the dry cleaners.

Also, I was very worried that this wouldn’t fit me very well. It isn’t extremely tight-fitting, but it isn’t loose either. I think that it fits just perfect.Whether you are purchasing this outfit for Halloween or a costume party, I think it will look great on anyone.

Love this!  Fits perfectly just like the other costumes I bought last year. The material is very durable and it’s made very well. For a cold Halloween, all you need is this costumes and you are all set. Not sure it would be comfy in hotter weather, though. But in a controlled temperature, and you would feel comfortable all night in it.

Batgirl is extremely resourceful and trustworthy, a frightened but determined child. She’s strong too, stronger than even me, in fact,She needs serious guidance and training.

I decided to dress up as Batgirl this past Halloween. I was glad that I was able to find all of my necessary accessories on this shop, and I received everything quickly. I found this costumes, and I didn’t expect much more than costume material when I purchased it. I was really happy when this came and I felt how thick and nice the material was! This is a high grade costume, and not only was it thick enough to keep me warm, but the black underneath the cape is so vibrant and mysterious and is a fantastic pop of color. I feel that this costume was comfortable to have on all day. When I came into the office in my costume, many people noticed and commented on this. The price was great for the quality. The seller sent this to me quickly, and that was an added bonus. I would repurchase from this seller for future costume needs.

Package, Including Cloak, Jumpsuits&Rompers, Helmet, Wristguard, Gloves, Belt, Boots. This was so much fun to wear. I wore it all day at my job on Halloween and got so many praise. Great material well made perfect. Also looking forward to the next purchase!

I really thought I was overpaying for a costume piece, but once I opened the package and saw the quality I was very pleased! This is not your standard thin costume material. It is thick and very well made. I actually got warm wearing it in the office. The colors are vibrant and the size and shape are great.

I would definitely recommend and will look for this company next time I need a costume.

Are the bloody characters of Star Wars touching your heartstrings?

   If you are obsessed with the series of Star Wars movies, then you must know its protagonist Han Solo, and he will certainly be attracted to him.This seems to be a less likable positive role, but you can’t deny that in some ways he does have a different charm.

Han Solo  is the main character in the film “Star Wars” is a trilogy, starring Harrison Ford in the movie. He was originally the captain of a smuggled cargo ship “Millennium nickname” and later became an important member of the Rebels. Later, he was killed by his son Kelloh Lun in “Star Wars and Force Awakens”.

Star Wars Cosplay Costumes

Han Solo cosplay is very low-key, but if you want to show your man’s cool and charming charm, I believe he will be a good choice.

First we can look at his jacket top.This is a half-high collar brown suede jacket, simple and neat, handsome in a pen, can easily bring out the male straight waist.There is also a special logo on the left chest of the jacket.The most gratifying thing is that even in the ordinary menswear store, you can find similar styles, and it will never look vulgar.


The bottoming shirt is dark blue, and the collar is a special place. It is a half-high collar and a lap-up. It has a British royal style. The style is simple but it can’t be opened.You can go to our website to see its details:


The trousers are made of the same material as the shirt, slightly slim and contoured.Two white lines on the side of the pants play the role of modifying the leg shape.You can also replace it with dark trousers, which give you the same visual effect.

Black boots

Black leather boots are one of the basic features of the Warrior shape. You can pay attention to the boots of soft leather when you choose, so that you won’t be crippled and not easily deformed. You can wear it and walk it.Its zipper is at the back, it is very convenient to put on and take off, reducing a lot of unnecessary troubles.

Other Accessories

Other accessories include belts, straps and holsters. The belts are very useful. They are generally used to store bullets and other hidden weapons. The holsters are hung on the belts. They are usually used to equip guns for easy removal.

Han Solo cosplay costumes don’t necessarily bring you great surprises, but they will definitely bring you a comfortable day. You can wear it to do whatever you want and go to any grand occasion. Yes, if you can, you can also find a partner to play Leia Organa Solo, it must be a very interesting scene.